Your Pre-Move Checklist: Making the Move Easier


Unfortunately, moving is something we’ll all have to do, potentially quite a few times. So, making these experiences as stress-free as possible is a priority. Below is a list of things that you should do before your big move.

Set Up Your Internet

Get your internet ready at least three weeks before the moving date. Frequently, internet service providers are booked quite a while in advance and there can always be hang-ups when you’re trying to transfer service.

Connect Your Utilities

When you move, you’ll have to switch over the utilities to your name. The process is simple, you call the provider, give them your address, the preferred connection dates, and your contact information. The key to this is timing. You’ll want to do it just before you move so you won’t be paying extra and won’t have a service interruption.

Plan for Children and Pets

Have a plan for your children and/or pets on moving day. You may want to arrange for a sitter, so you can focus on moving.

Update Friends and Family with Your New Contact Information

Send a text message or email to all your friends and family so they will have your new address. This can also be a great time to invite people to a homewarming party.

Fill Out a Change of Address

Do this as early as you can. This way the new tenants of your old home won’t have to forward your mail. The post office has change of address packets readily available. You should then contact businesses and government bodies to give them your new address, plus, don’t forget to update your address on any subscriptions, tell the bank and voter registration, and update your insurance information.

Make an Un-Packing Box

You’ll be so happy if you make an un-packing box. It should contain Allen wrenches, tools you might need, labelled zip-lock bags with screws from furniture you took apart, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, dust cloths, and glue. Have them all in the same box to cut down on time and stress.

Organise the House and Contents Insurance

When you move, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider to ensure you’re covered through the move. You’ll want to work it out so that your current insurance policy ends the day after you move and the new policy starts the day before the move. You’ll also want to organise everything for the movers. A furniture removal company in your area can give you tips on how to pack.

Get Spare Keys

As soon as you have your keys, make some spares. Moving is stressful and you’ll very busy. Making copies of your keys will be very helpful in the event you get locked out or misplace them. Make a set for every member of the family and maybe a few to keep at close relatives or friends houses.

Create a First-Night Box

A first-night box will be indispensable. Put in a change of clothes, pyjamas, basic toiletries, toilet paper, towels, sheets, and blankets, and any other essentials like the coffee maker. Put an emergency kit in the box as well, minor first aid issues can occur when moving. Make sure you have a first aid kit ready.