Your Dream Home


When it comes to interior design, we’ve got our work cut out for us. After all, we all want the perfect home, but what is perfect? Bu, this is a goal we can all agree is worth the effort you put into it, because home is where the heart is, so your house only becomes a true home when it’s a house your heart is invested in. Therefore, we take up this noble struggle and give it our all in the name of our dream home. However, there are a number of factors to consider, some practical, some cosmetic, all of them important. One of the hardest things to do when designing your dream home is simply identifying what you actually want. It can be prudent, then, to learn of some ideas and techniques others have used to this end in order to narrow your focus and get started. Here are some suggestions.

First and foremost, consider the unifying power of a theme. A theme can bring your whole house to life and give it a nice cohesive feeling. One popular theme for interior design is an oceanic theme. Such a theme would start with a color palette evocative of the ocean, so that means blues and greens, such as teal, cyan, and seafoam. You would then want to expand upon the theme with a visit to The Lakeside Collection. (Pun most definitely intended.) Good ideas for thematically appropriate decor include seashells, fishtanks, retro diving gear replicas, anchors, and more. You can also hang posters, paintings, and photos that are on theme to really sell the look and feel of the ocean. Don’t feel obligated to stretch a single theme across your whole home, though. You could do a different theme for each room, a single themed room, or anything in between. IT’s all up to you.

Another way to raft your dream home is consider how you use your space. First, take a look at your current living room. Now, look at the negative space as walk ways. You now want to make those walk ways as efficient as possible. The goal here is to make transitioning from room to room, or from one point of interest to the next within the same room, as easy and carefree as humanly possible. After all, you don’t want to navigate a labyrinth in your own home, espeially not to get to the bathroom.